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2010 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC Canada V5N 4A9

Do you want to sell your books?
  • bring your books in any day of the week
  • more than 2 boxes? please phone ahead (604-568-3511)
  • we look for good quality used books
  • highlighting etc might be okay but it will affect the quote
  • we don't need...
    • textbooks or computer books
    • certainly no encyclopedia
    • Readers Digest
    • travel guides (Lonely Planet etc)
    • ripped, broken or smelly books
    • magazines
  • we pay cash only (sorry no credit)
    • cash value is usually 25% based on our selling price
  • remaindered books must be picked up within a week of our quote
  • any questions? call us at 604-568-3511

We Sell Gift Certificates too!
  • any value and it never expires!

Our Staff Picks:
Our Staff Picks

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