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Buffy Sainte-Marie by Andrea Warner
Buffy Sainte-Marie by Andrea Warner  

Her voice could stretch from wilderness to solar system and back again. Her songwriting spanned genres as diverse as folk and funk. An innovator and experimenter in music as well as education, especially in the realm of indigenous culture, Sainte-Marie projected a singular vision across multiple platforms. To say that Sainte-Marie could not be categorized would be an understatement, yet her enduring legacy is one of an activist, indigenous folk singer whose relevance peaked early. But that is an oversimplification. Born into Saskatchewan's Cree tribe yet adopted out to a white family from Massachusetts, Sainte-Marie found that the dichotomy of her heritage was both boon and blessing. While she constantly sought to explore and honor her birthright, she also illuminated and exposed the hypocrisies and restrictive hierarchies of the white world in which she lived and worked.

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