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Cold Case Vancouver by Eve Lazarus
Cold Case Vancouver: The City's Most Baffling Unsolved Murders by Eve Lazarus  

Cold Case Vancouver delves into fifty years of Vancouver's most baffling unsolved murders. In 1953, two little boys were found murdered in the city's storied Stanley Park, and who remain unidentified to this day. In 1975, a country singer was murdered just as she was on the verge of an amazing career. And in 1994, Nick Masee, a retired banker with connections to the renegade Vancouver Stock Exchange, disappeared along with his wife Lisa, their bodies never found. Cold Case Vancouver is an intriguing whodunit for true-crime aficionados and armchair detectives.

Table of Contents:

  • CHAPTER 1: Babes in the Woods Case Still Haunts City
  • CHAPTER 2: Who Killed Roddy Moore?
  • CHAPTER 3: Vancouver's Drug Wars
  • CHAPTER 4: Printer, Strangled, Shot in Own Home
  • CHAPTER 5: The Hastings-Sunrise Murder
  • CHAPTER 6: Vancouver's First Triple Murder
  • CHAPTER 7: The Yuletide Murder
  • CHAPTER 8: The Cloverdale Abduction
  • CHAPTER 9: Second Seven-Year-Old Goes Missing
  • CHAPTER 10: The Prison Guard's Daughter
  • CHAPTER 11: The Renfrew Murders
  • CHAPTER 12: From Langley to Nashville
  • CHAPTER 13: The Good Earth
  • CHAPTER 14: Sweet Sixteen
  • CHAPTER 15: On the Edge of Chinatown
  • CHAPTER 16: The Masees: Missing without a Trace
  • CHAPTER 17: Murder in Mole Hill
  • CHAPTER 18: Anatomy of a Cold Case: To Catch a Killer

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