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Handmade Shoes for Men by Laszlo Vass
Handmade Shoes for Men by Laszlo Vass  

Without a doubt, custom-made shoes are a luxury for the feet. The authors of this book have traced the trail of a traditional craft that remains vital today. Take a look behind the scenes of some of the most renowned workshops and experience the creation of elegant, handcrafted men's shoes - from measuring the foot to professional packaging. The ultimate handbook for the male shoe afficionado.

Laszlo Vass, born in Budapest in 1946, worked in the Hungarian fashion house of Magyar Divatintezet as a clicker, closer, shoemaker, and designer from 1964 until 1969. In 1970, having gained his professional shoemaking qualification, he joined a private workshop specializing in handmade shoes and ladies' boots as assistant chief designer and shoemaker. In 1978, Vass founded his own workshop and opened a business in the centrt of Budapest. Since 1988, he and his 20 staff have concentrated on traditional shoemaking. Today, the exquisite quality of the shoes made by the firm of Vass has earned the workshop enormous respect throughout Europe.

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