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Hey Grandude! by Paul McCartney
Hey Grandude! by Paul McCartney  

Hanging out with grandad turns out to be anything but boring after he pulls out a very special compass and takes everyone on a magical mystery tour. A "gray and drizzly" day takes a series of exciting turns for Lucy, Tom, Em, and Bob--a racially diverse quartet of sibs (or maybe cousins) in Durst's fluid, informal cartoon scenes--after grizzled Grandude strides into the room. He has a compass that transports him and the "Chillers" with a "zing, bang, sizzle" to a beach, a desert, and a Swiss mountainside. Like the economical text, which aside from a quick refrain is all in prose, experiences at each stop take on a certain pattern as the children thrice enjoy their new setting but then need a quick spin of the compass to escape a flood of pinchy red crabs, mount horses but narrowly avoid a bison stampede, then abandon a picnic to clamber atop an obliging flying cow when an avalanche threatens.

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