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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Book #2
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Book #2  

Trade in Princesses for Prime Ministers, Painters, Scientists and World Changers!

Timbuktu Labs is an indie publisher focused on creating beautiful books that inspire girls and women to dream bigger, aim higher and fight harder. Timbuktu's books are illustrated by incredibly talented female illustrators from every corner of the globe. Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo are the award-winning writers who founded this company with the goal of redefining the boundaries of indie publishing through a combination of thought-provoking content, stellar design and business innovation. Timbuktu's books Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2 are the most crowdfunded books in history. Itís not just the stories, itís the horizons that opens for them, the questions that pop, the knowledge and points of view that can be share in the confort and love of family.

I adore the book! For my daughters, for me, for my family. I gave these books as gifts to friends, even the ones that donít even have kids! These amazing books show girls they can be anything they want. Melinda Gates

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