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We Have Always Been Here by Samra Habib
We Have Always Been Here by Samra Habib  

In this memoir, journalist and activist Habib creates space and representation for the next generation of queer Muslim voices. Beginning with her childhood in Pakistan and her grade-school immigration to Toronto, Habib paints a searing portrait of her early struggle to find chosen family and community. Habib married her first husband (an arrangement) while she was still in high school and moved in with her second husband as an escape not long after the first marriage dissolved. Her young adulthood led Habib to believe that marriage was little more than a legal trap and it took her many years to find love that was free, supportive and empowering. Her coming out as queer was not one big moment, but rather a winding process of self-discovery buoyed by an unwavering network of allies. The memoir reads like a love letter to Habib's younger self: she begs readers to embrace radical, unavoidable, beautiful change in themselves and those around them and to know that it will always lead them closer to their truest selves.

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