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You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero
You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero  

Sincero (Don't Sleep With Your Drummer) brings a fun, feminine verve to now well-tread self-help tropes, offering a promising new title in the genre that's not as completely irreverent as it sounds. The system Sincero outlines is a specific way of thinking about reality: imagining the not-yet-reality into the present. She includes important messages about forgiveness, personal power, gratitude, meditation, and learning from experience, alongside fear-banishing techniques. Original exercises, such as writing a letter to money, and ways to identify false beliefs abound with clever turns of phrase and chapter ti-tles like "Your Brain Is Your Bitch," "Present as a Pigeon," "Lead with Your Crotch," and "Doing vs. Spewing." Sincero writes with candor about her own struggles, heightening the message's accessibil-ity, particularly among a younger set. In essence: the vast, unknowable universe will give us every-thing we desire enough to envision, but laziness and doubt are banned. The tone is far more feisty than academic, and there's humour on every page, all of which is exactly what her intended audience most needs.

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